Wide Eye was formed in 2002 out of frustration in the lack of creative clothing available that represented the free party scene & other subcultures. They based the brand on printing unique illustrations from talented artists onto quality garments. The designs caught people’s eye from far and wide at Teknivals & festivals in the UK and overseas.

In 2011 the founder of Public Nuisance gave Wide Eye Clothing their artwork and permitted them to print Public Nuisance garments to enable the iconic brand to live on for many more years to come. Wide Eye took on this challenge and re-branded themselves as a collaboration, using their artwork & the Public Nuisance logos to create a formidable combination of artwork and rave history while providing options to purchase stock online and through independent retailers.

Unfortunately, due to life events including the tragic loss of Emma (gone but forever in our hearts), who was a massive part of Wide Eye, their mission temporarily stalled.

Wide Eye have reflected on the Public Nuisance collaboration with pride and sense of achievement, for bringing this legendary brand back to life.

After achieving this goal Wide Eye decided to continue to make Public Nuisance garments available by being an official stockist. However, they are concentrating their creative flair on pushing their own brand forward, working with their established network of artists alongside a verity of new talent to produce wearable art of the highest standard. www.wideeye.co.uk was relaunched!