If you are an artist/illustrator and feel you can design something to complement our range, then please get in contact.



Jono has not only produced fantastic artwork for our garments & marketing including our logo. He put in a lot of hard work & time to get Wide Eye off the ground back in the day. Currently travelling the world, we wish him all the best on his travels and look forward to his return.

Designs by Cog include:
BMX (artwork on rear of garment) | Spray Can (tag part of the design)

Dirty squirrel

Ali is responsible for the Bass Binge Designs and we hope for more badman artwork from him in the future. 

Designs by Dirty Squirrel include:
Bass Binge (Men's Black & Blue Tee's & Girls Fitted Tee)


As well as hit designs such as 'Smiley Culture' (which has recently been re-worked as Police Officer) Emma put in a lot of resources into Wide Eye and we would't be where we are now without her input. Jinx has sadly past on the 06/06/15 we hope she has now found the peace she deserved, we will continue to release garments with her designs either in its original form or re-worked so her talent can live on. 

Designs by Jinx include:
Police Officer |K32 Zipped | Wide Eye Camo


Founder of Wide Eye, Ryan oversees everything to do with the Wide Eye. His artwork specialises in re-working designs, bringing new life to them alongside creating new ones.

Designs by Riddim include:
Frack Off | Nuisance Capitalism | Wide Eye Tunic 

The Porg

Ben has been designing artwork for us since day one and has been a fundamental part of our success to date.

Designs by The Porg include:
Spray Can | BMX (design on front of garment) | Speaker DJ Hood | Soundboy Murderer

Visit his website, facebook or blog for more of his work